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12 Reasons Why You Must Have A Jockstrap in Your Drawer

12 Reasons Why You Must Have A Jockstrap in Your Drawer


We know you have seen them before, we know you are curious. Jockstraps are definitely a different type of men's underwear but when worn correctly they will change your perspective on underwear completely. Every man needs a jockstrap in his closet! They can be beneficial for many different reasons and we are going to explain to 12 reasons why you must have a jockstrap in your closet!

In the Beginning

Jockstraps were created over 150 years ago by bicyclists. The term jockstrap comes from jockey-strap, which in America, jock or jockey means athlete. Did you know in the 1800s the term jock was a nickname for penis? Some say that is where the name of this underwear originated from.

Bicyclists created the jockstrap for support while riding on the cobbled streets of Boston. They needed underwear that would keep the boys in place while providing a substantial amount of airflow.

Now, most sports encourage players to wear jockstraps and insert a cup over their genitalia for protection. Its’ thick elastic waistband, completely open backside, and coverage of the penis and testes allows for maximum protection with maximum comfort.

Here is why you need one
1. Great for working out

Jockstraps are great for working out! If you frequent the gym, you need to own a jockstrap. It will provide you with the security the boys need to stay in place so that you can focus on reps and breathing. Many bodybuilders wear jockstraps to the gym and you would never know…

2. The Support

Jockstraps provide maximum support! Not only for working out and sports but for everyday wear. Jockstraps give the boys a snug place to hang out during the day. Many guys will wear a jockstrap and then compression shorts over the jockstrap for extra support rather than a cup. Cups are typically only worn during physical contact sports.

3. Comfort

Where do we even begin here? Jockstraps are so comfortable. They hug your waist just right while allowing your backside to be bare. It feels like you are going commando. If you are feeling pinched or restricted, you have the wrong size jockstrap. Contact us  and we will be more than happy to help you get the correct fit.

4. Sexy

If there is one thing we have found it is that a surprising amount of men and women find jockstraps as a turn on! You need a jockstrap in your closet to spice things up. Surprise your partner under the covers one night - trust me you will not be disappointed. The sex appeal that jockstraps provide in itself should be a big enough reason for you to own one.

5. Large Variety

There are so many different types of jockstraps. From large elastic bands to string bands, there is something for everyone. Not to mention the colors, patterns and different themes!

6. Be Unique

Jockstraps are not as popular as they used to be for day to day wear. Nowadays you really only hear about them or see them in the sports world. Be unique! Stand out! Get yourself a jockstrap and be different, be you!

7. Keeps You Dry

Because of its lack of fabric in the back, you will stay dry. When working out or playing sports, the sweat does not get absorbed by the underwear keeping you dry and allowing the boys to stay put comfortably, which leads me to reason #8.

8. Reduces Chaffing

Jockstraps heavily reduce chaffing! Because they are so snug and don't move, the do not create friction to chaff like regular underwear would. Going to a theme park soon? Ever chaff at a theme park from walking around all day? Yeah, us too. That is why we encourage you to get a jockstrap!

9. Safety

When playing any contact sport whether it be for fun or professionally, wearing a jockstrap is always a great idea. Jockstraps allow you to insert a cup into the fabric in order to protect the boys. Trust me - you want one in your closet!

10. No Bunching

For those of you that might wear tighter pants, jockstraps are perfect for you! The lack of fabric in the back means zero bunching and no boxer lines!

11. Non-Restricting

There is nothing worse than feeling like you can’t move freely because your underwear is stopping you at the thigh. With jockstraps, you don't have to ever worry about being restricted again. The bands fit snug under your cheeks allowing you to move however you’d like.

12. Medical Reasons

On a real serious note, jockstraps are great to have on hand in case of injury. If you aren't going to take our advice and wear one during contact sports, at least have one in your closet to wear after you get kneed in the crotch during basketball. Trust us, it's going to happen and it isn’t going to feel good. So have it ready to wear when you get home to baby the boys back to health.

Every guy needs a jockstrap in their closet. They look good, they feel good, and they are becoming popular again for everyday wear. If you still aren’t convinced, check out our wide selection of jockstraps here and contact us if you have any questions!

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