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5 Men's Swimwear Style Trends In 2019

Top 5 men's swimwear

As the days heat up, so are the men’s swimwear trends in 2019! From trunks to thongs, this year’s trends have something for everyone. It’s hard enough to find clothing that speaks to your style and can be even harder to find swimwear to be your statement piece. Not with Ochox! We have a cut that speaks to everyone’s style while delivering the best quality. Take a look at the top 5 swimwear style trends of 2019!

Swim Briefs

Swim briefs Ochox

The swim brief is for any man that not only wants minimal tan lines but also great support. Compared to the out of date speedo, the swim brief is way more comfortable and less restrictive. Its form-fitting fabric is perfect for swimming or diving and holds less water. If you are love watersports or being active outdoors, this is the swimwear for you.

We understand that speedo lovers are still lurking the beaches but we promise, once you slip into a pair of swim briefs your speedo won't see the light of day again. Checkout Ochox’s swim briefs!


Swim Trunks Ochox

Trunks are sexy and unique just like the man wearing them. They provide a little bit more coverage than the swim brief but deliver the same amount of appeal and adventure. The buttock is fully covered while keeping the thigh exposed. Trunks are breathable and very stretchable. The fabric moves with your body and keeps the boys in place. Ochox has a wide variety of Trunks just waiting for you to slip into!


Swim Shorts

Shorts are super popular right now! Perfect for the laid back beachgoer, shorts are comparable to boxers. They have a loose fit and cover more thigh than most. With that being said, they do not offer much support. I wouldn’t recommend these for sports but rather for a lounge day at the pool or beach. If you want the most coverage with a relaxed, loose fit, boxers are for you! See what Ochox has to offer.


If you live a spicer life, then thong swimwear is for you! The thong provides full-support with minimal coverage. Coming in multiple colors and patterns, Ochox has a wide variety to choose from. The fabric is breathable, lightweight, and perfect for the bold and beautiful! Whether you are playing competitive volleyball or strolling along the beach, thongs are super comfortable and very relaxed. You can wear them in a group setting or tanning poolside along, thongs are a great choice!


While performing an adventurous sport, you need swimwear that will perform just as well as you! The surfing cut of swimwear is form fitting while extremely moveable. The surfing style covers the full thigh and stops at the knee cap. This helps reduce the body's friction during activities. With the least water absorption and maximum endurance, the surfing style is definitely a show stopper. In fact, this trend is so popular that Ochox is currently sold out but keep checking back!

These top 5 swimwear style trends of 2019 are just heating up. Choosing a style that represents your wild and experimental side is only the first step to having a great summer! Your swimwear choice says a lot about you, its the only piece of fabric on your body. Make your bold statement this summer with a flirty cut. Some like it short, some like it long and we can assure you whatever you like Ochox has it! For all of your swimwear needs, choose Ochox...we dare you!

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