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How to Choose the Right Underwear For Your Partner

Your hubby deserve better underwear

How many men do you know that have a lucky pair of underwear? We know a few, and truth be told they’ve had them way too long. Usually, the partner is the one buying the underwear out of necessity! There are so many different types of underwear and fabrics it's almost impossible to choose what will work best for your man without some education. Today, we are breaking down a few categories of underwear & giving you tips on how to make the best decision.

Briefs or Trunks

These are by far the most popular styles of men’s underwear. Both come in a variety of fabrics but each made with very distinctive cuts.

Briefs offer much support with little fabric. Perfect for men who don’t want all of the excess bulk and bunching fabric. The leg and upper thigh are exposed while the buttock is completely covered. Our briefs are made with the highest quality of fabric, take browse at them.

Trunks, on the other hand, are considered almost a hybrid of a brief and boxer brief. They provide the same support while adding a tad bit of more coverage. Trunks are great for those who wear skinny jeans or tight-fitting pants. Trunks also do not have the dreaded underwear outline that you might risk seeing with briefs across the cheeks. Ochox offers a wide variety of trunks and boxers.


We love a good jockstrap! In fact, we know 12 Reasons Why Every Man Should Have One in His Closet! Jockstraps are mainly used by athletes because they support the ‘boys’. However, they are becoming very popular for day to day wear.

Not only do Jockstraps provide amazing support but they are super comfortable. Created over 150 years ago by bicyclists, the jockstrap is made up of an elastic band and a pouch for the testes making the circulation of airflow amazing down under. If you have an active man, consider a jockstrap for many reasons, including its sex appeal! Check out our Jockstraps here!

The Bedroom

Let’s talk about the bedroom! What underwear can help in bed? First, we need to determine what kind of help your partner might need. Underwear to help your man sleep or underwear to help with intimacy.


If sleeping without any underwear isn’t appealing to your guy, get him a nice pair of loose-fitting cotton boxers. Boxers are very breathable and provide full coverage but do not constrict movement. Plus, they provide easy access which leads me to the next topic.


Ready to spice up the bedroom a little more? Try a man’s thong or half-thong if you think he wouldn’t be fully convinced to try one out. Men’s thongs are super comfortable and come in a variety of patterns, fabrics, and styles. From seethrough to spandex they come off as easy as they go on! See our collection here!

Physically Fitting

It isn’t all about appearance. The underwear you choose for your partner also needs to fit him appropriately. You will need to know your man’s size and activity level prior to making the purchase. First, let's start with the rise. There are 3 different types of rises: low, mid, and high which are pretty self-explanatory. Low-rise is under the natural waistline, mid-rise is on the natural waistline, and high-rise is above the natural waistline. Depending on activity level, comfort, and preference your man probably will favor 1 overall.

Next, let’s talk about compression. Some men like their underwear very compressing to hold their ‘junk’ in a specific place while others like to swing free! We recommend constricting underwear for those who are more active. Make sure that whatever you buy isn’t too constricting or they can cause some serious damage.

When to Buy

Getting your partner new underwear doesn’t have to be only when they need them. New underwear make a great gift too!

The top 2 holidays to give underwear are Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Underwear make nice stocking stuffers! If you are looking to heat up your Valentine’s Day evening, then that is a perfect time for him to test out the thong or jockstrap!  

Underwear is a great gift to give for many reasons. They’re practical, a necessity, and a new pair can make any man feel like a million bucks!

Ochox was founded on the principle that guys everywhere deserve better underwear. Here at Ochox, we offer a variety of different men’s underwear. From fit to fabric, you are sure to find something your man and you will love. View our entire collection here!

Better fit. Better options. Better value.