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The Different Types of Mens Underwear

Most men don’t pay attention to the type of men's underwear they buy. Whether this is a natural behavior of acquired, it should not occur since the underwear is always the first one to support you and also the first to go into your body every time you are dressing up. It is also the last when undressing to shower or to... Therefore, you should make sure that what you choose is convenient, presentable and most importantly comfortable. In that regard what type id your underwear?

There are different types of underwear, and each type will offer a different level of comfort depending on the person wearing it. It is up to you to choose the best type that fits you and also the one that will be comfortable when you wear your pants or shorts. Here are the common types of underwear.


Men's Boxers

This is the most commonly worn type of underwear. They have an elastic waistline and baggy legs that will stop at the knee area or slightly above depending on the size.  Surprisingly, Men's Boxers they were first worn in the early 19th century and didn’t become popular until the mid 19th century when most men started wearing them. Over time, we have seen different brands and styles from the designers of men`s boxers. They come in different fabrics, and therefore men have the freedom to choose the fabric that will suit them.

Men's Boxers are most suitable for men who wear suit trousers or the slim jeans. They will offer comfort and also great breathability when worn with the suit pants. The only disadvantage with the boxers is that they don’t offer good support and therefore there is that feeling of falling apart below the belt. However, they are less revealing, and this is why most men prefer them.

Men's Briefs

We have the modern Men's briefs and the older generation Men's briefs which are mostly worn by the boys. The modern-day briefs are sleeker and stereotype-breaking than the older ones. You remember the ones your mum used to buy you? The modern day has a different style and therefore more comfortable. They are mostly worn by the footballers and athletes, and this is because they help in keeping their parts intact reducing the friction. When buying briefs, it is advisable to go for the 100% cotton since they are more comfortable.

Men's Thongs

These are for men who want to reveal persuasion and just like the boxers, have been worn even by our ancestors in the form of loincloth. Therefore, they are not a new concept as may seem. The modern-day male thong is made of three thin strings with a larger piece in the front to support the armory. Men's Thongs will not support you and thus should be worn to impress not when jogging or walking since they will be a bad experience.

When choosing your underwear, you should consider the comfort it will offer you and not just the style. If you are going for a match, briefs are okay. If you are wearing tight jeans or suit pants, go for the boxers. The thongs can be worn when you just want to relax at home.