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Top 7 Best Men's Briefs (2019)

top 7 men's briefs

Solid and elegant or colored with cartoons’ printings? How do you like your briefs to look? Whatever it is, we surely love having a wide and growing selection for you to choose from. Isn’t it just fabulous that one can choose one’s style of men’s briefs? With so many options, each one of us can find the briefs they like, whether you feel a little naughty (enough to go for the Fun Balls’ transparent brief) or if your mood is somewhat serious, which goes perfect with the Elegant Briefs. But it sure did take some time until we’ve learned that men’s underwear are meant for so much more than to simply cover our asses.

While women’s underwear quickly turned out to be a fashion item, men’s underwear stayed focused on function. Only in the ’90s did men’s underwear grow to be even more than a fashion statement: a sex appeal statement. Since then, men’s underwear of so many colors and styles emerged – and we can’t be happier about it.

We Deserve to Spoil Ourselves Too.

Women have comprehended undergarments as a sort of a treat for a long time now. It is something they can spoil themselves with or tease their partners with, feeling sexier than ever. But what about us? Who says we can’t spoil ourselves with sexy, daring undies too?

In the 21st century something has changed. Men can treat themselves with sexy and naughty underwear and we finally learn to do so and enjoy it. No more only gray shades boxers to choose from, but varied selection of models including: long johns, boxer briefs, trunks and thongs. We came a long way from the macho man who couldn’t connect with his feelings and desires, right?

So, let’s talk briefs. Well, for me, first of all they allow me to feel as though my business is in order and everything sits in its place, you know what I mean? Also, they’re comfortable – especially those made of soft cotton. But the best thing about briefs – the versatility.

Ochox’s 7 Most Favored Men’s Briefs

When you love your underwear, you also love to constantly reinvent and expend your wardrobe, and you’ve got a lot of options to go with. If your choice for this time is men’s briefs – you’re welcome to get familiar with our most favored ones. Here’s a review of Ochox’s top 7 men’s briefs!

Animated Briefs

Animated briefs Ochox

A new arrival that won our hearts (and bottoms) instantly. Low rise figure, low waist, and prominent bulge form. Not only is it designed for maximum impact but it’s also available in two beautiful colors: purple powerful butterfly and music-inspired light blue. Made of Nylon and Spandex for your comfort.

Charming Dude Briefs

Charming dude Ochox

The Charming Dude briefs are the answer to the common typical men’s underwear – it is comfortable for everyday use as well while stepping outside the boundaries of the old-fashioned stereotypes of what men’s underwear should be. But being comfy yet unique isn’t the only thing that makes them so charming – take on 8 colors’ combinations with floral beautiful patterns and you’ll see for yourself the impact of those charmers. Made of a cotton blend for ideal softness, which allows it to fit everyday activity.

Twinks briefs

Twinks briefs Ochox

The Twinks briefs are a take on the old-school boyish underwear, customized for maximum sexiness. It has a mid-waist figure, clean lines and solid beautiful colors – black, light blue and hot pink for those of you who want to take it all the way.

Elegant Briefs

Elegant briefs Ochox 

If someone made briefs out of a beautiful elegant tuxedo, those briefs are probably what they would look like. Just like a tux, these elegant briefs will grant you with confidence where it matters most. Discover these rock-solid elegant briefs in light blue, stunning yellow or classic black.

Net Effect Briefs

Net effect Ochox

Well, it’s getting hotter in here! Those may not fit for your everyday activity, but once your partner gets a glance of it, you will become aware of the net effect indeed! Make your sexy statement in transparent light blue, white or black, while leaving nothing for the imagination.

Striped Cotton

Solid cotton Ochox

Top comfort cotton briefs with beautiful stripes pattern, for those who wish to take a walk on the wild side, but still ensure their comfort. It is 100% cotton made, breathable, comfortable while sexy. No more compromises for you! It’s a daily brief that gives you the ability to show your out of the ordinary personality when exposed, so be prepared for that! Those striped cotton briefs are available in white, black, purple, green, dark blue and light blue.

Fun Balls Briefs

Fun Balls Ochox

Ready to get in touch with your silly but cute side and make your sexy statement? If so, these are made for you! Show your youthful spirit with the childish ducky pattern or billiard balls! It’s colorful, it’s sexy, and heads up! It’s semi-transparent!

Which will you choose? What will your partner discover underneath next? Whatever it is – we hope it will be hot yet a little funny - a winning combination for anyone… After all, we didn’t name it fun balls for nothing ;)