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What Your Underwear Tells About You?

Underwear is a silent communicator and therefore will say a lot about you. This is the reason why you should mind about the type of underwear you wear and also the color in some instances. Therefore, next time you go shopping for innerwear, mind the choice since it will tell a lot about your personality. Here are the facts you didn’t know about that your underwear will communicate.


This is for ordinary men and therefore if you like the boxers you are just like any other man. However, the color will communicate a lot. If you like white and black boxers, you are simply a person who doesn’t like any grey areas in your life. You are not hiding anything, and you like to be clear about who you really are.

The red boxers show a man who simply wants to be noticed because you are somehow active. However, men who wear red under there are likely to be pretenders and don’t really act like they intend to communicate. They just want to be recognized for shouting their presence. The completely black or white means that you mind a lot what people will say about you and so you are a decided person without mixed personalities.

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Men who wear briefs are unique and not reserved. They are open-minded and stylistic and therefore fashionable. However, they are sometimes older generation of men since the briefs have a long history. Most likely, these were mama`s boys, and so they got entrenched to the briefs regime. They have more weight to hold together, and this is the reason why they choose to wear the briefs since they keep everything intact. These are also lover boys although they are afraid of showing their worth. They, however, know they are super sexy. He doesn’t say much unless he has something to say and that is why they like to be kept tight.

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Not just any man will wear thongs. The men who wear thongs are fearless and therefore willing to impress anytime. This is a man who doesn’t care about the society and what people might say about him. He always wants to look good in the thong because he imagines it gives him a good look. He, however, might turn out to be a pretender and not the kind of person you expected him to be. This is why he assumes he is comfortable yet the thong is not the most comfortable for a man. He likes to associate with ladies but don't be surprised he knows nothing about them. He is likely to be a totally weird man in your house though.

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 Therefore, next time mind the underwear you wear. What type is your favorite?