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MEN’S TRUNK & BOXER UNDERWEAR 2019 – Men's See-Through Trunks

Men's trunks and boxers collection by Ochox

Ochox Men’s Trunks & Boxers

Shopping for men’s underwear has never been easier and more fun – with a huge variety of styles and shapes available, you will be spoilt for choice! At Ochox we stock our site jam-packed full with a variety of men’s trunks, boxers, men’s see-through trunks, briefs, men’s see-through boxers and more – not to mention all the items are made from premium quality materials and designed for the modern and stylish man.

Boxers Or Briefs?

Since then the style hasn’t changed much but the wearers have! Both boxers and briefs are the more popular style of underwear for men and both types have their benefits. Generally, the main difference is the length and width of the leg portion of the garment. Boxers are similar to shorts, with a looser fit and a slightly longer leg, however, they do not offer much in the way of support. Briefs are tighter and cut higher on the leg and give your jewels some much-needed reinforcement!

Ok, so that’s boxers and briefs – then what are trunks?

Trunks are almost a hybrid between briefs and boxers. They provide the support and snug comfort of the brief cut but also cover more of the leg like a boxer short. So, you get the coverage and the support all in one hit!

Men’s Trunks And Boxers FAQ

Our team geer for you the most frequently asked questions about men's trunks & boxers. If something missing here for you, please contact us

What are the pros and cons of boxers?

• Designed for optimum comfort with soft and breathable fabric to ensure that you remain cool
• Boxers have a looser fit and are longer in the leg
• Not restrictive
• They offer no support for any extreme movement
• The additional fabric means they do not wear well with tight fitting trousers which can cause bunching

What are the pros and cons of briefs?

• If you prefer snug briefs, it makes them perfect for wearing under tighter clothing
• The Y shaped front improves the level of support
• The variety of different waistbands allows for personal choice: with low rise, high-rise or traditional cuts

How do I decide between boxers, briefs or trunks?

When purchasing underwear and trying to decide between different styles, you should consider the following:

• What will you be wearing them with? For example, if you are wearing tight fitting trousers then loose cut boxers may not be ideal

• What will you be wearing them for? Consider whether you want comfort, support or to boost your sex appeal!

• What sort of opening do you need or want? Have a look to see whether the underwear has a horizontal opening, button closure, or none!

What if I can’t make a decision?

No problem – Ochox have got you covered, literally! With an extensive range of all styles of underwear you can buy three and get one free at your choice!