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MEN'S DESIGNER BRIEFS 2019 – Men's Thongs

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Ochox Men’s Briefs

At Ochox we understand that fashion and clothing can be a very personal and bespoke choice, and this is why we ensure that we always go the extra mile to bring you the most diverse and up-to-date styles available on the market. Men’s briefs are one of the more popular and classic styles within the realms of fashion and our vast selection of men’s underwear is anything but ‘brief’. This type of underwear usually features a fully elasticated waistband and is cut higher on the leg than other styles that you may be familiar with. This means that these underwear briefs can be worn seamlessly beneath a variety of different outfits from suits to shorts or jeans to sport wear. With our buy 3 get 1 free deal on all underwear, as well as our mix and match options, you will find all you need housed within one place.

Men's Briefs FAQ

Our team gather for you the most frequently asked questions about men's briefs, if something missing , please contact us

What styles of briefs do Ochox have available?

At Ochox we have every style of men’s briefs that are available on the market – this includes ultra-thin, charming-dude, net effect, solid hold, sports brief and breathable briefs to name only a few! All briefs can be bought in a variety of colors and there are also an assortment of quirky and unique patterns available too!

What should I consider when buying men’s briefs?

You will find that men’s briefs do come in a selection of different cuts and shapes, so you may need to think about the following:
• Would you prefer a high rise or low rise cut?
• If you are more well-endowed or have more prominent love handles will this impact your level of comfort?
• How sexy do you want your briefs to be? You may want to consider a pattern or perhaps a see-through fabric.

Overall make sure you really think about what is important to you in terms of underwear. If you are a creature of habit and have been wearing the same style for a number of years, then now is the time to think outside the box and uncover new underwear!

What are the benefits of men’s brief style pants?

• The options of men’s brief style pants available at Ochox shows that men’s brief style pants are versatile and in-keeping with current fashion. There are innumerable colors, patterns and styles to suit every need. So, whether you are looking for fashion briefs, daily underpants, best briefs or gay briefs, our online store stocks it all.
• The cut and style of these designer briefs allows for them to be worn comfortably and seamlessly under tighter garments.
• The material options available at our online store vary from comfortable cotton briefs to sexy male panties.

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