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Historically men used to wear all-in-one swimming costumes, which weren’t ideal for showing off your gym-honed guns! Modern day men’s swimwear is substantially more contemporary, stylish, appealing and fun!

What are men’s swimwear briefs?

When you think about men’s swim briefs you may well picture a rather sculpted chap in very small and fitted Speedo’s! Speedo’s have come in and out of fashion over the decades, having battled in popularity with swimming trunks and swimming shorts. The Spee-do has again become a Spee-don’t and swim briefs are the new kid on the block.

Swim briefs are cut in a style similar to that of the Speedo but are less restrictive, more practical and don’t expose as much as its former counterpart!

Ochox have an unbeatable range of designer swim briefs available in a variety of appealing colors and patterns. You may have previously shied away from the Speedo, as the quintessential wearer is often a very bronzed and buffed fella. The quality, cut and fit that you will find with Ochox items will not leave you disappointed.

These flattering briefs can be purchased in a plethora of patterns such as stars, stripes or retro patterning, as well as a more muted palette for the more modest wearer.

Men's Swim Briefs FAQ

Our team gather for you the most frequently asked questions about men's swim briefs, if something is missing, please contact us

Am I the right sort of person to wear swim briefs?

Absolutely. Much like brief style underwear, swim briefs are cut to sit just below the belly button which is flattering for most body shapes. As well as offering a variety of colors and patterns so you can be bold on the beach or humble in the heat.

What should I consider before buying swim briefs?

•What will I be using them for? Will I be swimming, sunbathing or doing water sports?

•Will this cut be practical for my needs?

•Will this material be comfortable in extreme heat?

What are the benefits of swim briefs?

•Swimming briefs are more ideal for tanning due to their more skimpy cut

•They can be sexy and help enhance your assets!

•They are perfect for athletic swimming as they do not produce resistance like baggier swim shorts.

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