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Shop Ochox Men's Thongs & Men's Jockstraps

Men’s Thongs & Jocks

With an unbeatable range of thongs and jocks, Ochox will inspire you to try something a little new and racy!

Both the thong and the jockstrap style underwear are consistently growing in popularity amongst fashion-forward men, and although are a little bit more risqué than more mainstream garments, sometimes it pays to take a walk on the wild side.

So, if you fancy veering away from your usual style of trunk briefs, designer trunks or boxer underwear, then this could be a new consideration for you.

Thongs & Jocks FAQ

Our team gather for you the most frequently asked questions about men's thongs & jocks, if something is missing, please contact us

Why would I need to ever wear a male thong or jockstrap?

Whilst gay men have formerly been the archetypal customer base when it comes to the male thong, men of all sizes and sexualities are now trialing the thong! They are unexpectedly comfortable and are the perfect accompaniment to thin or tight trousers as they do not leave seam marks such as a trunk style underwear might do.

Originally designed to support sports players, the jockstrap is also becoming the go-to underwear type off the field too! It’s a great alternative to the thong if you want a little more fabric and coverage!

What should I consider before buying a male thong or jockstrap?

•Will this type of underwear be practical for my needs?

•Will I be comfortable?

•Will there be enough coverage to prevent slipping out?

These questions can really be applied to any type of underwear and, at Ochox, we believe that variety really is the spice of life. You will likely have a choice of briefs, trunks and boxers in your underwear drawer but to really take your stake in the fashion field up a notch, you also need to furnish your fanny with a male thong or jock. Not only do they provide an unexpected level of comfort, but they are seamless under clothing and incredibly sexy.