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Ochox was founded on the principle that guys everywhere deserve better underwear.

Better fit. Better options. Better value.

It may sound a bit strange, but screw it – we are passionate underwear and we’re proud of that fact.

We are a team of friends, based in California, with a shared love for finer alternatives for our manly, nether parts. For years, we’ve collected men’s underwear by the dozens and finally decided to pool our passion and share it with the world.

Each member of the Ochox team has got underwear to feel comfortable, to play sports, to have fun, to be desirable. We’ve got underwear for every need and mood.

Do you wear the same shoes to a meeting that you would to a game of basketball? Of course not. That’s how we view underwear. At least, that’s our excuse.  

Our mission is to scour the globe for underwear that is a bit special. Whether it is the unique design, the quality of material, or a fit that feels like a second skin -- you can rest assured that Ochox underwear is never forgettable. 

At Ochox we understand that great men’s underwear is not enough. We offer free shipping promotions on every order, responsive and personal customer service, and content that makes you want to show-off your passion for underwear.